Friday, December 23, 2011


PS (pre-script): All of this is reductionist, meaning an approximation!

1. A leaf that lives as the physical form of the leaf only, sees birth and death.
2. A leaf that lives as more than the physical form of the leaf (emergent realities at various levels) sees birth, death and rebirth.
3. A leaf that lives as the tree, sees no birth, no death!

Interestingly, for everyone, all three are true. The degree to which each of this is present varies with individuals. One can modify the proportions to be in alignment with ones deepest desire(s)!

No proportion is 'greater' than another proportion. But, from the perspective of the leaf, if 3 dominates, there will be less suffering for itself and ones in contact with it. This implies, in my opinion, a moral case can be made for desired proportions of the three (as in good to have more 3 than 2 and more 2 than 1) :)

PS (post-script): Give or take some linguistic gymnastics :)

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